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Original Writers Prompts from CS Perry:                         Check back often for new Prompts

The weather forecast calls for a thirty percent chance of meteorites, fist-sized and smaller beginning around eleven in the morning. A yellow banner flashes across the screen, “Take appropriate precautions,”

A snowy owl lands on the table in front of you. It lifts a leg, and you see something tied there with a glittery pink bow. You look away, and the owl hops closer to you shaking the leg in the air. When you remove the item, a small slip of paper, the owl dissipates into a puff of smoke. The note says, “You have been chosen. Proceed immediately to the pub at thirty-third and branch. Sit in the booth the farthest from the front door. Someone will join you.  When you arrive a teen boy wearing tattered clothing sits in your booth sipping on a cup of coffee.

Barry watched the clouds leading the storm in his direction, they were an ugly green and held numerous turbulence bumps Within a couple of the bumps he detected swirling motions.  A cold wind struck him in the face then suddenly stopped. There blocking the wind, a glowing figure riding a black horse stood looking down at him. The figure pulled a four-foot long sword from a scabbard tied to the horse’s saddle, raised it above its head. A bright light flashed and the afterglow shows a line from the clouds to the tip of the sword. The rider points the sword at Barry and begins to move forward.

In a greenhouse within a State Park, several fuchsias swung in a breeze created every time the door opened. The flowers hung like tiny dancers wearing deep red and purple gowns. You hear tiny tinkling sounds of laughter and the flowers are no longer attached to the plants but are dancing in complicated geometric patterns.

(50) You have unique arcane abilities. Your special power is to transport someone a hundred miles away in times of trouble. However, you can only use this ability once in any ten-day period. The biggest issue is that you don’t truly control it. (Should you bump into someone by accident, within a ten-day where you have not used the gift, they will be transported to the last place you thought about.)

You are in a noisy restaurant, the room suddenly goes quiet. You look around and see a short creature with long pointed ears standing next to a man-sized green and yellow scaled dragon. It announces is a high pitched sing-song voice, “Consider yourselves the property of the mighty Hitire Ragum. Rise and exit through the portal behind me, else die where you sit.”

You wake behind the wheel of a pickup truck. You have no idea how you got there. The truck is rotting beneath you. The seats are little more than springs, the windshield is long gone, rust coats every metal surface. When you get out, you see the tires are likewise rotted to nothing but a few threads. You and the truck are in a desert, and there is no one in sight.

You are on a polished granite floor, hands clasped in front of you. An altar stands a few feet away. You hear the sounds of knights entering the building, but you believe none will disturb your prayers. The knights have no such belief and surround you. One of them says, “You have been a thorn in your king’s posterior for too long.”

Just for fun., let’s change the story of King Author’s Camelot: Lancelot is a clunky robot, suits of armor become mechanical soldier assists, driven by tiny steam engines, swords become blunderbusses, Morgana Le Fey into … hmm. an undead sorceress commanding an army of werewolves and has trapped Merlin and threatens to devour him and his magic.

(45) Lee hung suspended a rope beneath his arms, hands bound tightly in cuffs. Some twelve hundred feet below, a river crashed through on its way to the Gods only knew where. The assholes have left me here to die.

When Frieda touched the pretty green stone, it shocked her. Not quite the hair frizzing jolt of a live wall outlet but a stinging buzz nonetheless. When she raised her head, everything had changed. The forest had changed to mountains. The stuffy summer afternoon had given way to a chilly fall morning.

A dragon the size of Daryl’s palm stood beneath a wild rose. It’s gold-flecked scales reflected sunlight with its every movement. “Oh, my God! Where did you come from?” A squeaky voice shouted back, “I’ve lived here all my six hundred years. What are you and why do you trespass in my domain?”

Nickie pulled the knife from the drawer. Jerome had told her, “Don’t touch it. The damned thing is cursed. My father found it in the woods. He pulled the sheath from the blade, and the demon possessed him. I’ve tried to throw the thing away a hundred times, always it reappears a couple of days later.”  But Jerome is dead. The men who did it said they were coming for me next. “Demon? If you can hear me, I have need of you.”

Kyle swung his labrys (a double-bladed ax) over his shoulder. The path into the woods waited. I will kill the devil that attacked my daughter if it is the last thing I ever do.

(40.) Beneath the howling wind, Jessie hears a deep moaning. The sound is coming from beneath a rose hedge row.  When she looks beneath, there is a dragon that has been wounded with a jewel encrusted silver spear. “Help me human child. Help me and your rewards will be great indeed.”

Tommy and Simone walk into a bank to make a deposit, a masked man knocks Tommy unconscious another grabs Simone and says, “You will do nicely as a hostage. Moments later Simone is being dragged from the bank and into a black van.

Terry picks a four-leafed clover and hands it to Michael, “Good luck shall follow you for as long as you keep this close to your heart.” 

     In a story use:   A Snake – A Sandwich –  An Eyeglass  — A Computer – A musket.

While walking across the ruins of an ancient temple, Jindu feels a gentle buzzing flow through his body. He stops and looks down to see a golden rod sticking above the soil. When he pulls it from the soil he finds a double edged dagger. Words form in his mind, “Finally, the chosen one has come.”

(35) Kilou held the wand tightly in a double-fisted grasp, the citrine crystal topping the wand, glowed like the North Star on a moonless night. Four feet in front of her, a portal opened.

The lizard king stepped onto the deck of his ship. “We sail for the continent boys. We shall return the insult delivered by the renegade Patra.”

Tandar stood upon the ramp and looked out at the beings who had gathered to greet whoever appeared from the ship. Gods, why did they send me here? There is nothing but meat sacks to greet me.

Phillip peered in through the window. Sandra, his wife of three years stood there facing whoever sat on the couch. Her unstable stance proved she was drunk. I knew it. Fuck me, but I knew she was seeing someone else.

The smells of fresh cooked seafood permeated the room. Brianna stepped to the table and lifted the lid from the covered plate at the center. The thing that lay there began to undulate. A pleasing sound filled the room.

(30.) The moon, blood red in color, hung low on the horizon, Jever Borclay stood over the man he had killed. Only six more, and then I can rest.

Your main character is abducted by aliens. They are implanted with a device. What does the device do? How does this help the aliens?

A dragon traps you. It tells you that you must recover an artifact stolen from its treasure vault. Failure to do so will bring the end to humanity.

A stranger hands you a one-way ticket good for any destination in the world. There is a catch. Once you use the ticket, you can never return. How do you use the ticket? Why?

Your cat/dog catches something hiding in the shrubs and brings it into the house and drops it at your feet. The creature is a small person standing ten inches tall. It shakes itself then says, “How dare you have your familiar attack me. I am Prince Raseter Balternash; my people will destroy your realm for this insult.” 

(25) Your best friend, without warning, steps up to you and kisses you on the lips. “I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time.”  How do you react?

 After a night of binge drinking, you wake beneath a bush in the middle of nowhere. There are no roads, no trails and nothing familiar. In the sky, there are three small suns. The trees are like nothing you have ever seen.

You are the newest member of the ruling council on a world filled with magic. Your fellow members appear inept and seem to engage more in backstabbing and infighting than ruling anything. A rogue mage has raised an army with the intent of overthrowing the ruling council.

You are an assassin/spy with the job of murdering the king of a rival country. Too late you discover that there is a mole in your agency and you fall into a carefully laid out trap.

Your illegal weapons are the only protection against the Exar, a beast that very few can even see. Most people including those within the government deny its existence. The Exar if not halted will destroy your city/country/world. You are arrested and the law enforcement demand you turnover your illegal stash of weapons.

(20.) Soward County passes an ordinance against children or adults wearing tutus. Your child is the prima ballerina in an upcoming performance. The Ballet company intends to shut down the performance, your child is heartbroken.

You step into a dark alley and are accosted by three beings that tower over you. One has spike like teeth that glisten in the dim light.

Someone has stolen the strongest magical artifact that has ever been known to the world of Arcana. Evidence points to an inside job. You are in charge of the investigation.

You wait to cross the street at an intersection. The light turns to allow your crossing, however when you step off the curve you find you have entered a different world. The city is gone, you turn to step back on the curb but that is gone as well.

Something wakes you by sitting on the bed beside you. You crack open your eye and see a glowing fuzzy panda bear. It turns to face you and says, “It’s time for you to depart from this world. Come with me.”

(15) A woman nervously looks over the side of a bridge.  What lies beneath is a rocky valley at least five hundred feet below.  When she sees you, she squeals in high-pitched, fast and out of breath words, “Did — did you see that?  That, that thing. It ran right up to me, spit that out,” she pointed to a nasty looking blob of pulsing blue-green material at her feet, “and then it jumped over the rail.  I saw it fall but I swear it turned to smoke on the way down.”

A person in a dark overcoat and hood approaches you and gives you a small disk and says, “You may use this only once to go back in a time of your past. Once there, you may rewrite an event you experienced by acting differently.  You have free reign to bring about any and all changes to your life that you may wish in that time.” What do you change and how does it affect you?

Your character is a modern day female soldier in Afghanistan who wakes after an explosion to find she is seriously behind enemy lines, alone and her ears ring so loudly she can hear little else.

Inside a run-down apartment hangs a faded black and white photograph of a dark haired woman.  She is dressed in a miniskirt and thigh high white boots. She wears a smile that melts the heart and promises so much.  Prominent in the background of the photo is a metal structure that might or might not be the leg of the Eifel Tower. Across the bottom written in an elegant hand:                               To my love, my life and my reason for being.                                                                                              Anna

Use five of the following six words in a short piece:                         Abortive           Icon          Dollop          Combative          Vector          Inundate                                                                               

(10.) A child of five finds a small object at his father’s archeological dig and pockets it. While in direct possession of the object anything and everything the child wishes for comes to pass.

In a world filled with magic, some excel and some sputter with the smallest attempt. You are one of the latter.

You wake in a cheap motel room. You look in the mirror, the face that stares back is not yours.

Six alien faces stare down at you. One holds something over your chest.

In the desert, you drink the last of your water. Sand, rocks, and cactus surround you in every direction for as far as you can see. The dead body of your lover lies at your feet.

(5) You find a small carved skull. It seems to stare at you. In your head, you hear a strange scratchy voice. “I bear a message from your dead aunt.”

The picture you took on you wilderness hike reveals something odd. A being like you’ve never seen before stares at you from a copse of trees.

The doors to the elevator open to reveal a landscape of snow-covered trees and tall mountains in the distance. Cold thin air bites into your lungs and across your exposed skin. You reach to where the buttons should be and find nothing but a rock outcropping. A cave surrounds you.

A hall lined with Amethyst crystals of every size leads you to a cavern. In the center is a pool filled with a black liquid. When you step into the room, light begins to glow from a pillar next to the pool. You see steps leading into the pool which has taken on a silvery sheen in the light.

Remodeling your house you open a wall to find a suitcase within a concealed space. A dust covered newspaper dated May 18,1898, lies next to it. The suitcase is filled with a child’s clothing from an age long gone. A worn porcelain doll and a few books have been painstakingly packed in with the clothes

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