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Just Do It


            Is it just me, or has time truly sped up?  As I age, it seems all those little procrastinations that make up my writing life (indeed all my life) have added up so quickly that I can never catch up with them.  I know the answer to this was clearly stated in the old Nike commercial, “Just do it.”  That is such a great attitude especially if you are a writer.  Anyone who wants to get their work published must take all the steps to get there. There is no shortcut. We must put our butts in the chair and write. We must revise, rewrite and revise again. We must edit. If we are smart, we let someone else read our work and comment. Then we revise it again. All this waiting for some magical moment when we feel right, when the stars align just so, when we have time, always ends up with us wishing we had started much earlier. We should remove that middle part, you know, all that doing nothing when we should be doing something? Our writing career will progress much quicker.

           Whether it is our daily writing, editing, presentations to a writer’s group and critiques that follow, studying the writing craft, all of these activities seem prone to be set aside in favor of something more immediately gratifying, but realize there is a real price to pay.  As the old cliché says,“time waits for no one.”  We can use our time efficiently, or we can waste what we have in front of us.But remember this: an editor who never sees your work can’t buy it.  And ifyou haven’t written it, you can’t sell it. Well, duh! We know all this, but weseem to be able to rationalize our way around it all too easily. Sure some things must take priority. There will betimes when the choices are taken from us. But, those don’t happen as often aswe might choose to claim.

           The point is – use your time doing what you love.  If your passion is writing, then write and immerse yourself in all the other stuff that goes along with it.  Plan your day and follow the plan.  Cutting corners in writing is not a time saver.  At some point, probably during the edit or rewrite, you will find yourself having to do the work you avoided early on. Only now, the work will be harder because you no longer have that burning spark that pushed you to work originally.

            There is nothing quite so enriching as seeing your work presented in a publication that you did not originate.  Do you profess to be a writer?  Then get on with it!